Monday, February 8, 2016

Escape Is Imminent

We have now been here three weeks and what can I say ..... we are desperate to head back for some sunshine!!  It has rained every day for 3 weeks!  We feel so incredibly lucky that we have missed most of the winter though.

England in the summertime is lovely, but winter ... it is absolutely awful.

I took the below pic of the local  church on a rare sunny moment ... it didn't last long before the rain returned ...

Elaine has two more medical appointments this week, but whatever the outcome we are heading back to Spain for the foreseeable future.  It is a lot more conducive to a healthy lifestyle and my sanity!

I have to get the car and the van MOT'd this week, then hopefully we will be able to pull the pins and escape this Thursday or Friday.

We are both very excited to be able to escape once again especially with a lovely villa just sitting empty waiting for us to return.

We do have a fair bit of trepidation involving Elaine's healthcare and the Spanish health system but at least we will be in a comfortable home with lovely friends and most importantly to us ... nice weather!

So apart from attending hospitals, waiting for doctors appointments, going for scans etc. what else have we been up to?  Not a lot really!!  I have frequented a few pubs to watch the football and rugby, whilst Elaine has been recovering nicely in the warmth of the van.

We did have a surprise visit from Elaine's brother and family the other day, who we haven't seen since 2000 ...

We also visited the wonderful boaters at Aston Marina, and came away with armfuls of pressies!
Roly and Bev will be joining us for a few months in Spain next winter as they are well and truly over the UK winter - it's worse for them as they also spent part of the winter in Wales!!! 

Sorry for the negative post.  I do try to stay positive 99% of the time but this appalling, disgusting, crappy weather is getting me down!! 

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  1. I have thought your stay in Blighty over the last few years might have made a man of you by now, after all its only water and you cannot beat the wind in your face even if it is battered by the odd branch or road sign flying through the air :-)