Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spanish Sticks

We have been quite busy the last couple of days, unpacking the van, sorting out the villa and catching up with friends from Mojacar and boaty friends from the UK escaping the winter.

In saying that it has felt like winter down here the last few days, it has been very cold and windy.

Elaine and Sue posing on the windswept prom.

This morning we went to the Villaricos Sunday market, we loaded up with fruit and veg for about 7 euros. 

Sunday afternoon we went with a few Mojacar friends to a bar up the mountains inland of Mojacar, it was way out in sticksville. 

We went to see a fantastic blues group, well duo to be exact. 

It was a terrific afternoon with good music, beer and tapas. 

The owners Viv and Wayne have only had the bar for about 5 weeks they are both from the UK Viv was an ambo and Wayne was a fisherman out of Newlyn (Cornwall) 

I think they are going to find the life very different in the little village of El Marchal

Good luck to them in their new venture, its a lovely drive to get there so we will certainly check it out again.

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  1. Sorry Carol, I deleted your comment....Ambo is Aussie for ambulance officer. The best one is garbo, for the blokes that work on the garbage trucks!