Thursday, August 25, 2016

Keeping Busy

Its been a week  since my lovely Elaine passed away, every day gets slightly easier, plus I have been so busy sorting the funeral, and all the other things that have to be done when someone passes away.

It has been made easier with the help of friends and family taking me out for a drinks and dinner.

The most amazing part though are all the messages I have been receiving from all over the globe, I always knew that she was special but wow!

A really lovely gesture was from George and Sue who bought our old boat Caxton, they have put a framed photo of Elaine and her beloved boys on board Caxton, so once again she will be aboard the lovely ship and cruising the canals.

I also have Elaine in my ear every morning saying dont mope and sit around, get out there.

This I have been doing, as well as arranging the funeral etc I have been walking the boys around the local country side.

Yesterday I met David and Lisa (NB What A Lark) who were going down Bosley locks, I would liked to have done a bit of lock wheeling for them, but I had to head back into town.   

Another job I had booked in was to get a new MOT on the motorhome, it doesn't run out until next February, but that would mean I would have to return to the UK to get it done, and if I am in Spain it would be a bit of a drag, especially in February. Now I dont have to come back until next August, which to me makes a lot of sense.

It was a tight fit to get it in the workshop and on the ramp, but with a bit of effort they got it done. The mechanic was amazed at the condition of the van and thankfully it passed with flying colours.

The MOT is so strict in the UK and everything is checked thoroughly, back in Oz the rego test as it is called in NSW was absolutely piss week, if you could drive it there it would pass! Some states dont even have a test!

The only thing I haven't been able to make myself do since Elaine passed is to go food shopping, I just cant bear the thought of it, but I will have to do it soon the cupboards are looking very bare, and I only have a few pickled eggs left to survive on.

Thanks again for all the lovely messages, they are so much appreciated.



  1. Putting that lovely photo of Elaine & the dogs is such a lovely gesture, she will still be with all of us cruising the system. Hang on in there Paulxx

  2. You’re doing well Paul. xx

  3. Great post Paul- time is a healer but it takes time if that makes sense. Keep busy-oh and keep eating helps!! Not sure about pickled eggs though!

  4. Hey Paul, just get Mr Tesco to deliver himself!! :)

  5. You are doing remarkably well Paul, there is such a lot to get through at such a sad time. Remember that your readers from all over are thinking of you, lovely Elaine, and the dogs, and sending cyber hugs from afar.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler in New Zealand