Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Steam Train To The Seaside

I left Goathland (Aidensfield) early this morning, the village was very quiet, the tourists hadn't arrived yet. 

The Aidensfield Arms is on the left and Scripps garage/funeral parlour on the right.

The station looked lovely in the warm sunshine, plenty of moorland heather on the hills.

Our train arrived on time. 

It travelled tender first down to Whitby.  As far as I know there are no turntables or loop lines so one way is always going to be tender first.

The train was absolutely rammed on the way to Whitby, so me and the boys ended up doing a Jeremy Corbyn. 

Approaching Whitby station. 

Once off the train I headed down to the water front, but the place was heaving and wasn't quite what I was looking for on my few quiet days away.

However it was lovely to see peeps enjoying themselves in the sun. 

I would loved to have spent a bit longer in Whitby, but I dont do crowds well at the best of times and having to try and get the two little doggies through the throng was just to hard.

I headed back to the station and caught another steam train up to the market town of Pickering.

Much better, I virtually had the train to myself.

The train travels through some stunning scenery. 

Sammie was a lot more relaxed! 

Pickering was a lot quieter, so we had a little walkabout then popped into a pub for a pint. 

We caught the last steam train out of Pickering back to Goathland.

From there it was short walk up to the Aidensfield arms where I can use their wifi and do the blog.

Tomorrow will be a complete day of doing nothing apart from walking in the countryside away from the madding crowds.


  1. Good to see you out and about... and in "god's own country" too - If you're up for a bit of a hike, there's a walk I used to do regularly when I lived up there - the Rosedale Walk - http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/enjoy-outdoors/walking/our-walks/walking-routes/rosedale

    On a sunny day, it's lovely ... certainly worth taking a pac-a-mac though.

    atb, Mark.

  2. I enjoy a good walk, unfortunately the little doggies cant walk very far these days,and I dont like to leave them in the motorhome alone.