Monday, August 29, 2016

Off To The North Yorkshire Moors or is it Moops

If you ever watched Seinfeld you will understand the title of the post, it was the classic bubble boy episode, check it out here. Elaine and I have called it the moops ever since. Seinfeld is the only American comedy that we found funny.

Back to today, I have sorted the funeral, arranged the wake, sorted all the bank accounts so I was at a loose end. I really am trying to keep busy, the reality set in a few days ago that this is indeed real, that she has gone and I will never see her again!

The mornings  are by far the worst, I awake feeling quite numb, then Elaine's voice resonates in my head......dont feel sorry for yourself, dont mope, dont blame me if you are miserable etc.    

It works every time, she never wanted me or indeed anyone to mope around feeling sorry for themselves on her behalf. 

I decided to head off to the North Yorkshire moors and try and moor up somewhere near the North Yorks Steam Railway.

I set off from the farm at Macclesfield then stopped at Tesco for fuel and a quick shopping top up.

I now have to totally rely on my Tom Tom sat nav now I have lost my co-pilot and navigator, Although to be fair I have been using Tom Tom for years, I love sat navs.

Sammie assumed the position in the co pilot seat whilst Bombo slept in the back.

The traffic was pretty good apart from a bit of a hold up on the A64 near York.

The M62 is England's highest motorway, and does suffer in the winter months. 

This is the famous farmhouse that sits between the carriageways on the motorway, apparently the farmer refused to sell to the road builders, so they built a carriage way each side of the farm, it must be so bloody noisy.  

It was a lovely day for a drive, with the temps in the low 20s 

I moored up in a farmyard close to the village of Goathland, made famous as Aidensfield in the heartbeat series.

Its perfect, I am on my own with only the railway for company.

A diesel came past first.... 

Then a steam engine, I am in heaven, I will stay here for a few days. 

It is a real suntrap, so I just sat and watched the trains whilst having a couple of beers. 

The only downside is that there is absolutely no phone or internet signal so I have walked about a mile to the closest pub, 

A couple of  pints of  Black sheep and use of their wifi was in order.

Tomorrow I will catch the steam train to Whitby and have an explore.

Its a bit strange being on my own but far better than just sitting on my large buttocks and crying into my beer.


  1. Keep busy Paul, Loco sheds at Grosmont is interesting, obviously Goathland, where Heartbeat was made, very nice and a nice walk down to the Falls, Masham, for the Black Sheep Brewery.

  2. I just love steam trains as well. Was really disappointed week before last as I was on the Ashby. I had hoped to pick up a steam train on the Battlefield line from Shackerstone to Shenton. Got to the station and was told as I didn't have a teddy bear I was not allowed on the train as it was a special kids day out on a teddy bears picnic! Gutted!

  3. Elaine would be proud of you. Enjoy your day in Whitby you three.

  4. Happy to read you and the boys are on the move. Happy trails!!

  5. Goathland is a lovely place, Kev & I have stayed there when we had a caravan & a motorhome. Good to see you & the dogs getting about. Xx

  6. You are doing the right thing Paul. Life has to go on and you take Elaine wherever you go.
    The very best to you mate.