Monday, November 14, 2016

All Sorts...

 My sister Jackie and niece Hayley have now returned to England and work, it was a great week and I really enjoyed their company. I was also very appreciative of them cleaning up my pad, it just needs a woman's touch every now and again!!

Hayley want to get me a new wardrobe next time she comes, what's wrong with my charity shop clothes and crocs?

See ya later girls xx

Its so nice to have visitors and show them a really lovely part of the world.

Australia was a great place to show people around but the downside being it was such a bloody long way from the UK.

Which leads perfectly to my next photo, I'm still sorting through my old photos and scanning the special ones.

The pic below is me and my old mate Paul Young, I worked with Paul at Vauxhall back in the 70s, as soon as he finished his apprenticeship he left and headed to London, and the rest is history.
We always kept in touch, and when he came to Sydney on tour back in the 80s I spent some time with him and showed him the sights of Sydney in my little Suzuki Sierra...... Great times..... 

Back to the present day and the weather in Mojacar is sublime, its a lovely time of year, nice and warm in the daytime but cooling down at night.

Its in full winter mode now, which I love, its great catching up with old friends who we met here last winter, its amazing how many people come down here for the winter months. 

No problems taking the dogs on the beach at this time of year either. 

Other news......I got a young chap to come and set up my TV so I can receive UK TV.

What a system, not only can I get all the UK stations but every sports channel you can think of plus every film and tv series going back to the 60s. It also does American, Canadian and virtually every country through Europe's TV stations. its bloody amazing. If I move I just take the magic little box with me.

The cost 120 euros fully installed, no more payment whatsoever .

Check it out here, he will ship it to anywhere in the world.

Just got back from having my tattoo done, I will post a pic tomorrow when I can uncover it.

On the way back I took a couple of pics of the super moon, its very super down here.

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