Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My First Tattoo at Aged 60!

So at the age of 60 I get my first tattoo.....It all started a few weeks ago when I was having a chat with the landlord down the local pub in Mojacar. I was telling him that I wanted something special to remember Elaine by, I was thinking of having a tatoo but didn't want just her name and RIP etc We talked about what she loved and of course Mojacar came up so he suggested an Indalo man, which is a local Mojacar/Almeria symbol you can read about it here 

Elaine loved the Indalo man and we have them all over the house, she also had been making Indalo men for friends and relatives, she literally finished the last one a few days before she died, I had to help her stick on some of the fiddly bits as her eyesight was fading.

She made them out of bits and pieces we had picked up on out travels, her brother Trevor cut the templates out of plywood and Elaine did the rest.

This is one of her creations, they have shells etc on both sides.

An original Indalo man, thousands of years old!

So with the Indalo man idea we went to see the local tattoo guy Oskar who runs Kilombo Tattoo,click here

He quickly drew up a design but added a heart to emphasise our love for each other and of course her name. 

I loved the design straight away, so last night I went up there and had it done.

I absolutely love it, my only regret is not having it done whilst she was alive.

I won't be having anymore done as then it wont be so special to me.

What do you reckon?


  1. Excellent job and the right reason ... my lad is a tattooist I am sure he would approve

  2. Wow! That's lovely. Funnily enough I saw an Indalo Man a couple of days ago in someone's window. I recognised it because we had some friends who once had a sailing boat called that. I haven't seen one for years, what a coincidence.
    Kath (nb Herbie)
    PS looks painful 😗

    1. Funnily enough there was virtually no pain whatsoever, and Im not brave!

    2. Paul, welcome to the tat club, I have two myself. Yours is amazing mate and a fitting tribute to Elaine. She would love it!

  3. Hi Paul...pls check blog-mail...thanks Frans

  4. That is lovely. Well done!
    Marilyn & David

  5. I´ve got three tattoos, (and Dave has) they all mean something, not as profound though. Looks really good, I call it body art except when it´s one of those half arm / leg things. We know a young girl who´s had tattoos done all down her legs, yes legs! Looks awful, I´m sure she´ll regret that one day. I´ve got a lovely rose sat on my ankle, but no more leg work for me!