Thursday, November 10, 2016

Being A Tour Guide

My sister Jackie and niece Hayley have been visiting me this week.

Sunday was Jackies birthday so we went out for dinner at a local restaurant

We have been walking the coast path. 

Going up the hills sightseeing. 

Hanging around in bars! 

The strange things young uns do with photos! 

Up the hills again. 

The weather has been fantastically clear but the temperature has dropped dramatically, no more swimming in the sea this year I fear. 

The beaches have now been cleared of all the sunbeds, sunshades and beach bars. Only the bins and duckboards to remove and thats it until next summer.

I actually enjoy this time of year when all the tourists have left and its just the locals and winter dwellers from up north! 

We also sorted through some of Elaine's belongings, there really  isn't much left, the girls will take back some jewellery, clothing and scarves etc.

However I have kept Elaine's old wig she wore whilst undergoing chemo.

With the mo for movember flourishing I think the syrup makes a lovely addition, it takes years off of me!

Thankfully the American election is over, I really couldnt give a toss about politics, but what does piss me off is the hatred that is generated by these events, the Brexit event also brought out such hatred that I find so disturbing. I blame a lot of it on the so called UK newspapers, what awful rags they are, especially the Daily Fail, Sun, and Daily Mirror.

Bring back the love......

Peace XXXXX 


  1. All you need to do now Paul, is to find a Francis Rossi lookalike and you could start a Status Quo tribute act ��
    Take care - George

  2. Peace - there's an aim. Just in Granada learning about how the Moslems and Jews were persecuted after the Christians got their hands on the city. It never stops and we never learn. Heading to Cabo de gata in the next few days ... hopefully will be able to walk the dog properly ... too many pavements so far.