Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tatoo Man

My mate is well and truly back in Oz, well I hope he is, he left last Saturday!

During the week, I have been doing the usual walking the dogs, having the occasional dip, its very warm at the moment!

It is also very windy today!

I also frequented a couple of bars and extended my circle of friends here in Mojacar, its such an easy place to make friends, probably because we are all on the same mission.....not working!! There is a lot more time to interact without work getting in the way, there was no chance of going out in the week back in Oz, now I am out every day and night.  

 I also cleaned up the house as my sister and niece arrive today for a week. The place still looks like a tip but I do try, I dont know how Elaine used to do it, I would clean one bathroom and she would have the rest of the place looking immaculate and everything squared away, it must be a girl thing.

I have been trying to think of a way to remember Elaine in a special way, I have kept a few clothes and bits of jewellery, I have a lock of her hair plus her ashes of course, I have a locket around my neck carrying a very small part of her ashes. But I wanted something special.....I was talking to my mate the landlord and he said why dont you get a tattoo!!! Brilliant idea, so the next day we went up to the pueblo and had a chat with the local tat man, he drew up some ideas and sent them to me today. So at the age of 60 I will be getting my first tattoo to remember one very special lady.

I then got carried away........Joking right!!

Whilst Matt was here on his hols we went for a drive along the old coast road out of Mojacar, its a great road and leads to some lovely deserted beaches where  one can get naked if you fancy it.

I downloaded part of the trip off of my dash cam

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