Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stunning Seville

The morning started off rather bleak with a lot of fog about and a  pretty low temperature, I did the most sensible thing, got up made a coffee, turned on the heater and went back to bed!

It worked, a couple of hours later the sun was shining, all traces of fog had cleared and the sunglasses were on!

After a lovely home cooked full English we hit the pavement.

First stop just across the river was The Plaza De Espana, what a building, absolutely majestic. It isnt that old, it was built in 1928 for the Ibero American Exposition.

As you can imagine I took a few pics!

Now little Sammie....he has recovered well from his bad back and is now as energetic as ever, but....he becoming more and more disturbed by noise. I dont know what's caused his noise aversion, i'm putting it down to him getting old, he is at least 11 years old now. As you can imagine being in the middle of the city isn't the best place for him, he was ok in the grounds of the Plaza, but when we left we passed by a construction site, that was it he was petrified, there is no point making him stay out so we walked back to the motohome and left him there. Once back in the van he is fine, he is upside down and asleep in minutes. Unfortunately I will have to plan ahead with the little fella, thats why I dont take him down the pub when there is a football match on as he gets frightened by the cheering.

He hasnt done bad though, I was thinking how many countries the little boys had visited, its quite impressive.....Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Andorra!!

After settling Sammie down me and Bombo went back across the river and had a good look around. 

Nice hotel.

Super wide streets.

The cathedral.

Lots of bars, we stopped at a couple, and this is where I encountered the next problem.  

When Elaine was here should one want to go to the toilet it was easy, one held the dogs whilst the other one went in, in the UK its easy, I take them in with me, Mojacar is easy they either come in with me or I will know someone to hold them whilst I go avail myself. Here in Seville its a bit different, they tend not to let you take the dogs inside the cafes, I'm not going to tie him up outside or leave him with a stranger, he is far too precious.

After what seemed like an eternity I found some public bogs...they were all locked, next I went to an underground car park, once again all the bogs were locked, by now I was desperate and was at least 45 mins from the van. Somehow I found a secluded bush in the middle of the city, phew what a relief, it was a bush with a view, whilst watering the bush I could admire a nearby flamenco dancer.

Once I had gone I had good cause to pop into another couple of bars, or should I say have a drink outside, this time I made sure I wasn't far from home. 

As you might have gathered i'm really impressed with this city, its right up there as an all time favourite.

Loads of horses and buggies about.

And finally the last building before recrossing the river back to base is the Palacio De San Telmo which is where the Andalucian government sit.

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  1. When we visited many years ago we found a genuine flamenco club in a back street; it just had a number on what looked like a garage door and didn't open till late - we were early at about 11 and got a brilliant seat. Amazing experience - like a massive school dinner hall with benches and tables crammed in but fab dancing - highly recommended if you are into (watching) dancing of any kind but I can remember nothing of its name or location ..... Debby