Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Quick Trip Back To The UK

I was out to dinner with some friends on Friday night when I received a phone call from my brother. My mother has been in hospital since last October but had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. I am going over there on Feb 9th anyhow but the Dr didn't think she would last that long!

I nipped home and booked a flight for the next day (Saturday) a return flight for Tuesday , a hire car for three days and a hotel at Gatwick for Monday night as the return flight left at 07.00 and I didn't fancy driving from Milton Keynes to Gatwick to try and make that!

Saturday morning I rang the kennels and booked the boys in for a few days, they were very helpful as it was very last minute.

The flight to the UK left Saturday afternoon and was virtually empty....lovely.

I used Enterprise car hire at Gatwick, the chap came out to check over the car for any damage by torchlight, trouble was the car was so dirty that any scratches would have been impossible to see, he was so embarrassed he gave me a good upgrade and a car with a Automatic transmission which is so much better to drive in UK traffic.

I stayed at my brothers place on Saturday night as it was too late to visit the hospital by the time I drove from Gatwick to Milton Keynes. 
We did manage a couple of pints up the pub before closing time. 

I visited mother for most of the day on Sunday, she is in Bedford hospital. It was a bit of a shock to see the difference in care that she was receiving compared to the care that Elaine received at hospitals in Macclesfield and Manchester.

The nurses were ok and friendly but the doctor's bedside manner was appalling, whilst they are jabbing mum with needles to try and get blood from her there was no talking to her even though she was crying out in pain, one even left the tourniquet on her arm after getting blood, I found him down the corridor and asked him if that was normal practice, he came and retrieved it but not a word. All the doctors were Indian, not that that should be a problem, but as I said I dont know what they are like as doctors but as to being sympathetic or caring.....not a chance!

This was Elaine and mother down in Devon in August 2015. 

Mother on the left in Kew gardens 1948 

And mother yesterday.....she has rallied a bit, but she is very frail, and hardly eating. She is 85 so unlike Elaine she has had a life, its sad but its normal. Hopefully she will still be here when I go back again on February 9th.

I spent yesterday up the hospital then left in the late afternoon to drive back to Gatwick.

The plan was to have an early night, but I just cant do it so I went down the bar and went to bed at midnight.

I was up at 06.00 and walking onto the plane at 06.40, the hotel is a two minute walk to the terminal.

The flight back was full, but I slept virtually the whole way.

I picked up the boys on the way back home, Bombo cried when he saw me, Sammie didnt want to leave the other dogs!

On a brighter note its my lovely niece Kimberly's  birthday today XX 


  1. Sorry to read about your mum Paul. Our best wishes for an early recovery.
    At least you know where you stand with Sammie!:-)
    Tom & Jan