Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Skiing and Sadness

A two hour drive from Mojacar lies the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, I have been down there with friends for the last three days. The only downside was that I had to put the boys in kennels for three days, I hated doing it but there really wasn't any alternatives.

We stayed in the city of Granada and caught a coach up to the ski village, its a 40 minute trip at a cost of 9 Euro return.

For once I enjoyed being old, I was classed as a senior so only paid 37 Euro for a ski ticket, even if I paid full price it would still be half the price of skiing back in Oz.

The snow conditions were world class and the weather fantastic.

It was the first time I had skied wearing a helmet, better safe than sorry. 

Amazingly you can see the Med from the top of the mountain! 

We chose to go midweek and out of school holidays so we would avoid any crowds or queuing, it worked a treat there were very few people up there. 

The view of the mountains from the hotel room, the pointy building is the bus station next to the hotel. 

The mountain looked superb with the setting sun shining on it. 

The sad part of the post is the passing of Les off NB Valerie, he handled the bastard cancer very much the same way as my lovely Elaine, he was very open and factual about it and put up a terrific fight but always knowing that this insidious disease can take you oh so quickly.

We only met them once at Bulls bridge..... 

....just by chance three narrowboat bloggers had all pulled over for a Tesco shop and water.

Elaine and myself (NB Caxton) Les and Jaq (NB Valerie) and John and Ali (NB Triskaideka)

Les mate you still owe me a beer, I will have one with you upstairs one day.....RIP mate XX