Friday, January 6, 2017

We Made The Front Page

The Elaine McBride Memorial swim made the front page of the local rag, which is fantastic as more people donate!

My lovely niece Hayley has returned to the UK, we had fun, it's good to have someone young around, Mojacar residents are a tad elderly this time of year!! The young ones come here in the summer.

She must enjoy staying with her Uncle Paul as she has booked to come again in March!

Some more boaters arrived last week, Richard Linda and their doggie Muffin are here for a month, check out their narrowboat blog here 

Today they came up to see me bearing gifts.....

My favourite soldiers standing to attention.

What lovely people, thank you guys.

Talking of lovely friends Ray and Diane off of NB Ferndale are as we speak sorting out tickets for a Manchester United game, so it looks like there is a quick trip coming up to the UK......I am mucho excited. 

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