Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mad Dogs And Englishmen...

 My brother Russell and my niece have arrived for 10 days, they came bearing gifts one of them being a new camera I ordered in the UK and they kindly picked it up for me. Its another Lumix, but this one has a 30x optical zoom and a decent Leica lens.

I like buying the same type of camera as I dont have to learn how to drive a new one, the old one was still working to a fashion, my problem being I take the camera everywhere with me and tend to drop them a few times!!  I also bought a more secure camera case so this one should last a bit longer than usual. 

This is the view toward my villa, it sits right in the middle of the pic.

And zoomed in.....not bad eh.

 The lens is certainly a lot sharper than the last camera.

So to the title of the post....the visitors wanted to go for a swim, today was a cracker so away we went. Bloody mad if you ask me, but I may join them next time. Quite amazing to think that it's snowing in the UK at the moment.

Lovely to have visitors again.

 Two more boaters have arrived from the UK, Roly and Bev from NB Klara have now joined the MCC (Mojacar Canal Club) the membership at the moment is sitting at 9, with another 4 due to arrive in the next month.