Friday, January 20, 2017

Family Fun

My brother Russell and Niece Kimberley have now been here for ten days, they headed back to the UK yesterday.

Its been fun having them, it was 
a shame to see them go.

We have been out every day and night, not going too far afield on our adventures.

As we left the villa the other night it was a full moon, so I had to take a pic.

We also went for a walk over the hills behind Mojacar.

Lovely views from the top, on the right we have Martin, Andy and Roly, all narrowboaters escaping the UK winter......more about that later!

The tourists enjoying a rest after the walk.

We went for a walk along the coast where they found a huge fender!

I had to take them to the local watch tower,I stayed below with the doggies, you can see me with my arms outstretched.

There was of course a few trips to the local.

And walks along the beach.

Nice indalo man on the beach, Kimberley repaired the damaged head.

The weather change heading in!

We also went gokarting with a group of the pub regulars, Kimberley who hasn't raced a kart before came fourth, Russell finished in third place!!   Brilliant result especially Kim who was the only girl racing.....she finished in front of me.....waahhhhh. 

Pre race with our hair nets on, wishful thinking on my part!

We also managed a bit of fine dining, three courses for 12 Euros!

Kim used to work in a bar, so she had a quick practice pulling me a pint of Guinness.

The last thing to do before they left for home was for Kimberley to get a tattoo, she has wanted one for ages, so I took her to the chap that did mine, I knew he was good plus professional and most importantly very safety conscious re sterile equipment etc.

As Kimberley is a avid and competent horse rider and show jumper, it was always going to be a horsey themed tat.

It looks great and as it is on her foot it can be hidden if required.

I love it.

Now the weather........The last few days have been a shocker, its absolutely freezing and pouring with rain, snow has fallen very close to us which hasn't happened in nearly 100 years!!

The upside is me and a couple of friends are going skiing next week, we're going to the Sierra Nevadas,  the conditions are fantastic, by the time we get here, the snow will have stopped falling and the wind dropped, it should be good.

Im also going to the UK on February the ninth, the Man Utd tickets have been confirmed, I will also visit my mum who is very unwell plus catch up with friends and relos up and down the country. Im really excited about it, the only downside is putting the doggies in kennels, but I really dont have a lot of choice.

Finally......The East Cheshire Hospice is holding a virtual balloon race, its a bit of fun and will hopefully raise some much needed cash. This is the hospice that Elaine spent the last two months of her life in and I am forever indebted to them, just typing their name makes me well up!!! 

If you would like to help click here Thanks guys and gals xxx

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