Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Elaine McBride New Years Day Memorial Dip.

Before we get to today's momentous dip story......

Last night (New Years Eve) I was down the pub having a drink when a few of my friends came in all wearing masks....I thought they were getting into the party spirit a bit early, what I didnt notice for a while was that behind one of the masks was my lovely niece Hayley....she had just flown in from the UK and had been picked up from the airport by my good friends Barry and Wendy.

What a surprise!!! Hayley is staying with me until Thursday.

We did stay up until about 01.00, we didnt want to get too much under the weather as today was the Big Dip Day. 

We were up quite early and packed a few goodies into the van and headed down to the beach.

Once again the motorhome was the mothership supplying the gas bbq for heating the hot chocolate and rum, whilst also supplying a hot shower and toilet facilities for the freezing swimmers.

The swim started at midday but we got down there at 10.00am to get a prime position.

We were also joined by another motorhome which is owned by friends back in Macclesfield, they were literally passing through Mojacar yesterday and spotted me walking the dogs, after a catch up and a drink in the pub I persuaded them to join us today....what's the chances of that!!

This is the second Mojacar New Years Day Dip and I was very honoured for it to be named the Elaine McBride Memorial dip.
As it was in Elaine's honour it was also decided to try and raise a bit of money for a couple of local causes, one was the local dog charity PAWS and the other was to help a local family whose young lad is being treated for a Brain tumour.

A few of us got together and bought Champagne, hot chocolate, rum, beer and all sorts of nibbles etc, then we put a couple of buckets on the tables for donations, no pressure just donate if you like.

The crowds start to arrive...

After a few bevvies we are ready to go in....

It was rather bracing but we all managed to stay in for about ten minutes and belt out a quick Auld Lang Syne.

The young lad Leo made an appearance with his mum dad and sister, you really cant imagine the crap that this kid and his family have been through.

The mayor Brad, Leo and me.

So after  about an hour and a bit we counted up the cash, we collected very nearly 600 Euros for Leo and 400 Euros for PAWS....bloody outstanding.

It was the most perfect start to a New Year, Elaine would have been so happy to see so much money to be raised in her name.

Some lovely person shot a video, check it out here.

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