Friday, April 7, 2017

Finding An Interest!

The general consensus of my mental state seemed to be find yourself an interest!!

So I have, I have gone out and bought myself a lovely Jaguar S Type.

To be fair I have been looking at getting a nice car for a while. A couple of weeks ago  I actually put a deposit down on a lovely red Saab Convertible which was for sale in the UK, it had only done 23000 miles and was in superb condition, but the logistics of getting it back here and going through the rigmarole of putting it on Spanish plates was doing my head in, so I cancelled. He was a nice chap and gave me a full refund.

Lovely looking motor though.
So I started looking closer to home and thought to myself the car I have always wanted is an S Type Jaguar, I had an XJ6 back in the early 80s but it was an absolute nightmare of fuel.

I was looking for a late model as possible diesel jag with low ks and a full service history.

As luck would have it there was one for sale just over an hour's drive away, I went down to check it out and it is a lovely car.

One company director owner, full service history, reasonably low ks etc.

Its the top of the range twin turbo 2.7 litre diesel, automatic of course.

Most importantly its Spanish registered LHD, so the paperwork although still a hassle by UK standards is minimal.

It has been in Almeria its whole life (9 years), so is totally rust free, Almeria being the driest place in Europe makes sure of that.

I did knock them down a couple of grand, mainly because there are a couple of parking scratches on the front, which in Spain is the norm, but I will get them fixed, there is only one key and it wont be long before it needs a set of new tyres.

It drove absolutely superb along a mountain road plus a quick fang along the motorway.

I am taking a bit of a chance buying privately as there is no warranty, but I wouldn't trust a garage warranty anyway. They seem genuine nice sellars and dont appear to be hiding anything so hopefully it will be a winner.

All going well I will pick it up next Wednesday.

It will be a nice car to drive back to the UK in July thats for sure. 


  1. S-Type Jaguar. A beaut car, and if you remember I had one for a few years, but mine was a 2003 2.5SE petrol auto in pale metallic blue. An absolutely lovely drive. It should give you loads of interest and keep you busy with its quirky nature. I miss mine.

  2. Snap! We'll sort of snap because I have just bought an X type Sovereign.

  3. WOW Paul.. Fantastic. There is no better car.. Oh apart from the MGB GT that I promised myself once I was a grandma.. That didn't happen but perhaps I have something better than that now!

  4. Changed life, something to consider.
    Almost 20 years ago, at 32, I was working as a computer engineer for a global firm.
    Plenty of money to do what I wanted, never had to save for anything, lived all my dreams, played golf 4 days a week, driving a Rolls Royce and foreign holidays every 6 months,, etc, etc.
    However,,,,, While walking down the fairway of the Belfry 8th, at 32 years old, I asked myself "There must be more to life than this" "Surely I can't go on like this" "What is the purpose of my life".
    Seemingly to all our neighbours we had it all.
    By chance I found myself saving another persons life one day when out in the Rolls Royce.
    It was a life changing moment.
    I gave up my life with all the material trappings and some might say excesses and joined the Police to serve others.
    Not the answer for everyone, but what I have discovered is, the pleasure or helping others and giving something back has been far more satisfying than earning or having lots of toys and money.
    I hope your new car brings you joy but I suspect when the novelty wears off you will be searching again for another distraction.
    After buying the Rolls, or going on Concorde for a pleasure trip, I felt strangely empty several weeks later, searching for the next thrill or thing to tick off my bucket list.
    The obvious is clear and will take several years for father time to heal your wounds.
    I would, from experience, suggest getting involved with a benevolent or charitable organisation to distract you and enrich your life with social companionship of a different kind.
    You are clearly a compassionate, kind spirited and well meaning person that has much more to give.
    With best wishes and hoping you find fulfilment once again.

  5. Paul it looks like a fantastic car get out and enjoy it.

  6. Well done you! Enjoy, but watch for those speed cameras, 'cause that's gonna go! A fair bit more than the motorhome! ;-)