Thursday, April 6, 2017

So I Decided I Had Better Go To The Doctors!!

Firstly thank you all for your kind messages and numerous emails it really does help and I Am eternally grateful for such kindness from mainly complete strangers.

Once again I woke this morning feeling incredibly low, but decided that it was time to get professional help.

I rang the local Dr and as I guessed they were fully booked up until next week, I pleaded with the receptionist that I really needed to see the Dr today.  She said I could come down straight away but would just have to sit and wait until the Dr had a space or someone didn't show. 

As I drove down there I had a bit of a meltdown in the car knowing that once I start to talking to the Dr that a breakdown was inevitable.

I sat in the waiting room, there were only three people there so that was good, in saying that the Spanish Drs are very thorough so a consultation of an hour isn't out of the question.

It was getting close to my turn when a Spanish lady came in and sat next to me, I instantly recognised her as the Dr that used to practice at the surgery. Elaine had been to see her numerous times and got on with her really well. I had heard a rumour that she had left the surgery with mental health issues. The Dr I was waiting to see was her husband and they used to practice at the surgery together.

I asked her if she remembered Elaine which she did not, I then told her that she had died last August, she looked straight at me and said have you got a new wife now???  A bit odd I thought but never mind.

It came to my turn but the Dr said can I give him 5 minutes and he beckoned his wife in, as soon as she reached his door she launched herself at him, im not sure if she tried to kiss him or attack him!!  

He quickly got her inside where they continued to argue very loudly, I was exchanging pleasant smiles with the receptionist. Of course being Spanish I couldnt hear what they were saying. Finally the door opened  and I thought she was going to leave, just as she got to the door she turned and full on attacked the Dr, he fought her off and forced her into another room where she started ripping wires out of the wall and trashing the computers.

My consultation was starting to look a bit dodgy!

Eventually the Dr came out and apologised, it was indeed his wife and they had split up but she won't accept it and did indeed smash the place up last year, he said he had called the cops so it shouldnt be too long now!

A few minutes later the cops arrived, but she was having non of it so they called for backup from the Guardia Civil and an ambulance. The Dr came and spoke to me again and said she was going to be sectioned and that he would have to go along in the ambulance with her. He was very sorry but could I come back tomorrow! 

I walked back to the seafront where my  car was parked, I was in shock but also thought to myself wow I really dont want to end up like that or anything close to being like that.

Going to the Drs had done the trick but not how I envisaged, I came home and started cleaning up a very neglected house, I also made myself a yummy salad and it tasted good.

For the first time in a long while I'm feeling a lot closer to my normal self, I'm not sure whether I will go back tomorrow, I will see how I feel when I wake up.

Life really does take some strange turns!



  1. Gosh Paul what an upsetting thing to have to be so close to. One has to feel sorry for both the husband and the wife that her mental health issues have brought her to such a sorry state. I am sure there is no chance that you will ever come near to that sort of breakdown and it is great news that you went home and tackled some housework and made a salad. Little steps and each and everyone of them is important. Take each day at a time and you are right to praise yourself when things start to come together. Take care. Jennie nb Tentatrice

  2. As you say Paul, what you saw and heard has had a positive effect on you, and perhaps it will keep you motivated. If it doesn't and you cold doesn't improve over the next couple of day and certainly if you loose any more weight - go to see the doctor - let someone/something take the strain for a short time until you can feel stronger again.

  3. I wonder Paul whether life was showing you, that you are actually better off than what you had thought ?

  4. Away to go Paul! Don't lose site of the cleaning up bit, not only does it look good, but it makes you feel better. You also have a couple of dogs there who think you're God, so step into the boots mate!! We are all thinking of you. Regards George x x (no tongues)

  5. One day at a time Paul. Please go back tomorrow, even if it's only to fill us in on what happened next LOL. Seriously though, talking to someone will help. Take care Yvonne X

  6. Well that just goes to prove that no matter how bad you feel there's always someone feeling worse! I can understand the food making you feel better..... but cleaning!

    Stay positive mate!

  7. My goodness, what an experience at the doctor's! Not what you were expecting at all. But do please return for your consultation, sometimes just talking will help, or you may well need something to get you out of this black hole. Sending you hugs from New Zealand, and pats for the dogs.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  8. I'm sorry Paul but I had to laugh out loud at that... It just goes to show doesn't it that feeling sad as you were just sitting there hoping for some help to get through was the last thing you were expecting. What an experience you have had... Absolutely amazing!

    Yes, let that take you forward and smile about it. I agree with Carol and some others that a new hobby might help you through.. You might not have the energy to even think about that but you could make it work.

    Don't forget one thing Paul, Elaine doesn't want you to be feeling anywhere near how you are so maybe an effort is needed to please her? xx