Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wild Weather Report.

We have had brilliant weather over the last month or so, but a couple of days it changed.

It has been very windy and quite cool, but the biggest thing is the rough seas, it's quite an unusual event, the Med is normally dead flat.

I always have my camera with me when out walking the boys so I took some shots.

The fishing boat was heading back to Garucha, which is about 8 ks up the coast from Mojacar.

There were even a couple of surfers out there.

Completely different of my favourite photos with the lovely Elaine. The photo was taken on Lord Howe Island, which is a tiny island about 700 ks off the coast of Sydney. It was without a doubt one of the best places we have ever visited, the whole island is a nature reserve, if you are ever down in Australia it is well worth a visit.

On the Jag  front.... I have booked it in for a full service next week plus have the cam belt changed as the car is 10 years old, its going to cost a fortune mainly because the cam belt change is a big job. But as I do want to take the car to the UK in July I want to make sure she is 100%  No guarantees that nothing will go wrong of course after all it is a Jag! 

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  1. Interesting about the cam belt, and a very wise precautionary measure to replace it. Mine - the 2.5 petrol engine had cam chains, so no need for change like a belt. Also, just a little insider info for when you bring it to the UK. Keep your eye on the boot filling with water leaking in through the rear light units during prolonged heavy rain. The ECU is located in there and will be destroyed if it gets wet - a well known S-Type issue here and very expensive to replace. A melting snow covered car did for my mates diesel version in that way. That won't have been an issue during its life in Spain I suspect.