Thursday, April 13, 2017


As part of my crawling out of the black hole treatment I decided than rather than do my usual beach walk I would walk up one of the hills surrounding Mojacar, no big deal for the average walker, but for me as a flat walk along the beach chap it was a bit of a challenge.

We had loads of rain during the winter, the result is it is now green in our part of Spain.

The province of Almeria is the driest place in Europe, normally the landscape resembles Mars, there is virtually no greenery whatsoever.

The locals that have lived here for years tell me that this is the greenest they have ever seen it. We are not talking an England green but a light shade of green that is very pleasant on the eye.

The view as you climb up the hill is quite spectacular. 

Lovely walk. 

Coastal watchtower.

Mojacar in the distance.

Mojacars most expensive house sits atop a nearby hill.

The dogs did well to make it to the top, after all they only have little legs.

Yesterday I went to Almeria to pick up the new car, it is absolutely superb and drove beautifully on the drive back to Mojacar.

I have been playing with it today, setting up the phone, and all the other gadgets on the thing.

I then drove down to Macanas beach for a photo shoot, the only thing missing was some pretty young thing draped across, it!