Monday, April 11, 2011

Anticipation and Trepidation

So things are moving along rather well at the moment. We have had this plan to live on a narrowboat for about 6 years.
So why now that we could possibly be in the UK by this September are be both feeling very nervous and worried about the future?
We are leaving behind a very nice house, good job and money (albeit we are both over working and the general rat race), nice place to live with good friends.
We are going to UK to be closer to family and friends, living a much simpler and slower lifestyle and to explore the England that we left so long ago.
Did anyone or does any one feel the same way when they make the move?


  1. Paul, it's perfectly understandable to feel rather daunted. It's a big move to be selling your house and taking off into the unknown. You'll have family and friends for moral support, and be living a dream held by many others. Try and keep positive. We're thinking of you.
    Elly and Mick

  2. Paul, it's understandable to feel daunted now that you're moving forward with your plans. Selling your house is a big thing at the best of times. Keep positive - you'll have family and friends for moral support and you'll be living the dream of many others.
    Thinking of you both,
    Elly and Mick