Saturday, April 16, 2011

Limbo Land

Well we haven't heard a dicky  bird from our buyers, we think the extra month settlement might have done them in.

So, its rethink time....we were going to put the house on the market proper in September with a settlement date of early November, but we are re thinking that date as well. Reason being is that we would arrive right at the start of winter and just before Xmas which could be a bit of a pain, so now we are thinking of putting the house on the market in January and arriving in March ready for spring and the one week of the English summer!  Also be able to save up a bit more cash etc!!

The original plan was always Feb 2014 when I would be 58! ... so we are still way ahead of schedule!
I am going to the UK in July and again in November, at least I will get a canal fix.

If we had no animals, it would all be very easy but there you go can't do without them, they are family!
So in the meantime as it is a very crappy day here I spent a few hours cleaning up the other love of my life, and no its not Elaine looking a bit grubby!! - it's my Triumph Bonneville motorbike which hasn't had a good clean and polish since we got back from Byron Bay in mid March.

I will have to sell it before we go, I bought it new for Xmas 2002 and she still looks and runs like new.

Cheers Paul  

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