Monday, April 11, 2011

The Long Reef dog walk ...

Here are a few pics from the Long Reef headland walk which is just about 10 mins drive away from our place.  The walk goes around the outside of a Golf Course - it is quite spectacular all the way around.  Lots of dogs and their owners abound - all 'on leash' though (the dogs, that is!)
... otherwise you incur a $220 fine per dog ! 

We used to do this walk a lot but just lately we have been a bit slack !
Note to selves .. get up early in the morning and DO IT !!!

When it is whale watching time, (April to December) we often see them out off the headland - as often as you see them, you always feel honoured to be their audience !  This pic isn't from Long Reef but it was taken when we went out in our friend's boat - we just followed the Whale Watching boats - and there they all were!  Magnificent !

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to live in this stunning part of the world.  Paul has lived here for over 30 years now and I (Elaine) have lived here for about 17 years ...where that time has gone I don't know !

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