Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hmmmmm - House Sale Hiccup ...

Update on the Jaffa situation .. it will cost us $3000 to send Jaffa to UK separately and $4500 to send all 5 of them together (or $4200 to send 4).  Jaffa can't travel 'til end of October (all going well with him making sufficient Rabies antibodies this time !. The other 4 would be clear to travel end of September / beginning of October ...

With all this animal stuff going on it has sent us into a bit of a spin, as you can imagine. We thought we would be all clear to go at end of September ! Also, if we leave our journey 'til beginning of November it is starting to get pretty cool in UK - we could potentially arrive, get a boat and be frozen in ! (if we even manage to get a boat in that time - otherwise, my Dad will be stuck with us for a while !).

Anyway, we had a meeting scheduled last night with the people interested in the house as they wanted to meet us and ask a few questions. They came in and greeted us with a bottle of wine and a smile - turns out they are also poms (who met here !) - who are renting but want to get into the property market.

They had come along with the assumption that all was going along tickety boo ... but THAT THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO MOVE IN HERE AT THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER ---- Nooooooooooooo ! Not only were they a 'month out' in the calcuations but we greeted them with with the prospect of the fact that we would potentially now need to be here 'til first week of November ! Poor lady - I really felt for her  - it really freaked her out .. her hubbie was pretty cruisey with it all though!  (Also felt guilty about accepting the bottle of wine !!). Obviously there had been some communication issues between us, the Real Estate guy and them - we had originally said end of September as the earliest and the Real Estate chap must have heard beginning of September !

So - we sat and had a couple of drinks with them and the Real Estate chap last night trying to nut it all out - it was all beginning to sound incredibly complicated and convoluted ! They are not sure they can bear to wait 'til beginning of November (when Jaffa will be cleared for travel) - so we suggested that we just pay for him to go separately later on but that we still couldn't leave until first week of October (after we had gotten all the other pet passports in order).  They obviously are in a spin also ... they certainly havn't signed on the dotted line yet, but they absolutely love the house so fingers crossed.

So - that is where we are at this morning - dazed and confused ! We have all gone away to think about things - so we are really just waiting to see if they want to go ahead or not (mind you, she did take a few measurements last night while she was here - so just maybe ... !)  We hope this sale works out because we have got a good buyer and good price without any sign boards or newspaper ads!  If they pull out we will wait till Jaffa is sorted and will do the full marketing campaign probably in August/September.

Noooo ... please don't leave with out me ... look I'm packed , ready to go !!!!

Stay tuned !!

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