Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yay ! We can walk our dogs on the grass again !

Last Sunday we went to a protest meeting regarding one of our regular dog walking routes.  The Council had decided (without consultation with anyone) to ban dogs from walking on the grass along side the path (they are already banned from going on beaches!) - this meant that we could only allow our pooches to walk - and poo and wee - on the footpath - and not step foot onto the grass !  Yes - beaureacracy at its best !

The reason for the ban was that some little penguins had been killed a while ago ... supposedly by a dog (that no-one saw and there was no evidence of it being a dog!) - amongst the dog walkers, we feel it was more likely to have been a fox - but the anti-dog squad would never entertain that possibility !  (PS:  The penguins referred to used to be called 'Fairy Penguins', but now due to political correctness, the are termed 'Little Penguins' !)

Anyway ... I digress ... after much ado and complaints at the council meeting on Monday night the ridiculous ban got rescinded !  Yay - common sense prevails!  Following is the article from the paper yesterday.

We are so limited in our dog walking activities around here already ... this was like the final straw !  Soooo glad they have seen sense !

A year or so ago the Council came up with another beauty - they said dogs weren't allowed within a 10 m radius of any area where food was served - this basically meant that we weren't allowed to walk down the footpath with the dogs - ie, past the cafes with the outdoor chairs !  That one lasted for a little while before it got booted out for its absurdity !

Here are two happy puppies ...

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