Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bugger !!

As we thought would happen has happened, our perfect buyers for the house have dropped out, the main reason being the delayed settlement till November (as Jaffa the cat failed his rabies vaccination)!  Even if he hadn't  failed the date was still late September early October.

So after a couple of bottles of Australia's finest red we have decided to put it on the market in the new year 2012.  I think if we had put it on the market again later this year we would be arriving in the UK right at the start of winter and probably would not be the best start to life afloat.  Now we will aim to be there by the start of spring which is a much nicer prospect.

Paul's Triumph Bonneville (I think there may be tears when this one goes ... Elaine !)
So in the meantime we will carry on disposing of various pieces of crap that one builds up over the years. Plus we have to get rid of some good stuff as in my motorbike and our caravan which will both be advertised this weekend ...

Tata Caravan .. we've had fun in you !
It's been great to have the caravan but  we have only used it 3 times since we got it last June - it gets harder and harder to find places we can take the dogs, so we are giving up !

Looking forward to this Easter weekend as we also have a day off on Tuesday as it is ANZAC day. 5 days off in a row, feels like retirement!

Happy Easter Everybody  !  Paul and Elaine :)

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  1. Paul and Elaine,
    Sympathies. It will all work out and hopefully not so stressfully. Things happen for a reason!
    Elly and Mick