Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Auction competition in the Street

We are keeping a very close eye on the property market in our area as our house will be on the market in 10 DAYS! Our brochure is attached here ... Anthony looked at it and said - it is amazing how it can look when all the animal beds and people aren't everywhere !

Yesterday a sign went up at a house up the road and this morning the 'for sale' sign went up on the house across the road!  Springtime is generally the peak time to sell as the gardens are all in bloom, and punters want to move in before Xmas.

The other 2 houses are both on the flat with nice lawns, so will attract couples with kids, whereas our place is built on a rocky slope with no real lawn so will attract the DINKS .
We have an advantage of being very private and no-one can look into our house, plus being on a hill we have great district views.

Disadvantage ... being on a hill you have to walk up hill to the house which can put people off. (It never gets easier !)

So could be a very interesting few weeks, but we are very positive plus we are realistic with the pricing. One thing for sure we both cant wait for it to sell, then we can really ramp up the plans.

The animals are all ready to go, the cats had their final vaccinations yesterday. However, Geoffrey might have a thyroid tumour so he is having his blood tested to see what is going on with him .. never a dull moment !

The mighty Aussie dollar is climbing against the the Great British Peso again.....its all a bit exciting really.

Elaine has had a week off this week - trying to get all the finishing touches done .. like painting outside and cleaning !  (It was funny last Sunday, we were out painting the front fence .. and so was our competition over the road !! Truly a competition .. mind you their house is worth more than ours !)

We are off to Melbourne this weekend to see the relos down there - we are leaviing the animals in the hands of our trusted friend !  It will be brilliant to see everyone down there but there is still so much to finish off on the house - Elaine might have to keep going next week, instead of taking clients !

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