Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Weekend Coming Up

Sunday is the rugby world cup final so it will be another big night down the skiff club. (Not a bad place for a cheap beer or three !)

As the Aussies have been knocked out we will be rooting for the Kiwis, and just in case you don't know, New Zealand is a small suburb of Sydney located off the east coast.  (You could also see NB Waiouru's take on the subject on Fri 21 Oct 11!)

Another open day on Saturday plus Mr Real Estate has got what he calls a 'red hot prospect' who is coming for a private visit with her hubby on Sunday, she has seen the place already but hubby is in NZ and gets home Saturday night. He reckons she loves the house, the street and is cashed up - so this is hopefully 'the one'. If this one falls over then that's probably it 'till after Christmas.  Certainly a few more houses have sold recently in the area so we are, as ever, hopeful.

I went next door to check on the progress of Elaine's car, (it has been in the panel beaters since someone 'jumped all over' it!) ... it has its new roof and bonnet on and is now in the paint shop, but it is a very tricky colour....Pearly White??  so it is still a few days away yet - so Elaine is stranded for another week !

On Sunday (after our private 'open for inspection' !) we might go for a long walk around Narrabeen Lake - they have just made a walkway all the way round it, which makes life easier !  The last time we tried it ... years ago ... (with pushbikes !) - we got stuck half way round and had to carry our bikes through the bush!  Apparently the walk is 6.5 km and takes about 90 mins ... although I think it will take us longer than that !!!  Anyway - it may be too hot - the weather has suddenly warmed up and today is 27 degs ...


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