Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still waiting for 'the one' !!

Ah well - we are still waiting for 'the one' to buy our house!  The 'Red Hot' buyers seemed to fizzle out quite quickly.  All rather annoying really because they had us do a special open house last Tuesday morning, for the wife and then wanted the husband to come and see it on the Sunday as he couldn't make it to the Saturday open house and she didn't need to see it again as 'she was so sure she liked it' !)

We were going to go out for a long walk on Sunday but when we were about to leave the house in the morning, the band started up next door ... so we couldn't go out and stay out in case they continued playing !  (Next door we have two sons - in their 20's who have been playing the drums for as long as we have been living here (12 years) - the father has sound-proofed the room, so it is not too bad generally but when the whole band arrive, we can hear it and so can half the street)!  So - we were panicking a bit - but it was only 10am - so we were sure they would have had enough by 12.30pm when the guy was supposed to come and view the house !

So - change of plans - we just went to Manly for brekky and a little walk about (it was too hot for our planned long walk round the lakes anyway !) - then we went back home just as the band were leaving .. yay !!!  We popped in the house to light the candles and oil burners and do one last check --- and there was a nice big pile of dog poo on the deck ... sooooo glad we came back !!!  That would have made a nice impression !

Out we went in the car with the dogs - and when we hadn't heard from our Real Estate guy by 1.15pm we were wondering what was going on !  Turns out the guy was running late and they weren't even in the house yet - so we continued to drive around !!

Anyway - after all that - they have decided to buy a place round the corner (which is a dump !) - hey ho .. back to the drawing board !  We have another couple coming for a second look this Saturday and also one coming for another special look tomorrow morning - another morning cleaning - I will be so glad when we sell it and I can go back to my slovenly (?sp) ways !!! Elaine xx

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  1. Take heart from the brilliant level of interest your house is generating - there will be a buyer soon I'm sure. Fingers and toes crossed for you...
    Nb Caxton