Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Week That Was

Social Life.....
We went to see Meatloaf in concert ar the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday, really good concert even  though he missed a few notes, great backing band as well. He came on at 9.00 pm and finished at 11.45 pm! Friday night we took the dogs down to Manly and sat out side the Bavarian Beer Cafe for a couple of beers, Oktober fest and all that, followed by takeaway and home. Saturday we went down to the Steyne pub in Manly and watched Wales get beat by the Frogs :-(   Afterwards we went to  a very nice Thai restaurant and then home to watch Man Utd vs Liverpool. Today (Sunday)   we walked down to Manly to pick up the ute from the night before, then to Curl Curl beach where Curly sound waves was going off. Then we had lunch in freshwater and I am now sitting on the deck blogging in superb sunshine, El is is in a state of vegetation with the dogs. Later this afternoon we are off to the Manly 16ft skiff club for tea followed by the weekends main event....Australia vs NZ in the Rugby.
Elaine vegging out with the dogs

Another open day Saturday, with a good turnout and according to Mr Real Estate a couple of very interested parties, so we now wait for the offers to come flooding in.  We went and had a look a a couple of places ourselves on the weekend, just for market research reasons, and would have to say that there seem to be  more  positive vibes out there, bloody hope so.

Elaine has been restricted to working from home as her car is at the smash repairers having a new roof, bonnet and respray after an unknown TWAT carried out his dance moves on the roof and bonnet.
I have been really busy at work with no slowdown whatsoever in the marine spare parts industry.

We removed the 1st tick of the season off Sam last night, joy o joy. The paralysis tick in Australia is deadly to dogs so you must check them often and thoroughly.   The rest are all very happy lying in the sun and chasing possums at night.

That's it so Go Aussies in the Rugby World Cup semi final and good luck to Casey Stoner in the Australian Moto GP.

Blogging Away

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  1. Good luck with the house guys. We're going through the exact same thing! Do we take a lower offer or do we wait until the market gains confidence and possibly delay our trip?
    Fingers crossed...