Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Continuing House Sale Saga

We had another open day last Saturday, but with a definitive price rather than auction or 'offers-over' options.  Out of that, we had one very interested couple, who are coming back for a second sticky beak.  We had three groups through on Saturday and no advertising in the paper for that weekend !  We are back to a few more glossy ads this weekend onward - so fingers crossed !!!  Elaine was in the garden this morning and spotted a car checking out the sign and the house for a long time ... who knows, he could be 'the one' - we only need one!!

At last there is better financial  news coming out of the states and Europe and the Aussie dollar is up again.

One of my work mates put his unit (flat) on the market on Saturday, he lives around the corner from us.  He had it on for offers over $560,000 dollars, It sold after 25 minutes for $590,000 !!! They are still in shock.

I really hope the house sells soon we want to blog about more exciting subjects rather than a bloody house sale.  I want to be whinging about hire boaters and speeding boats etc....Joke :).  I would like to aspire to the great heights of the Northern Pride and Caxton blogs with their positive and upbeat content.

Ah well .. back to work !  Highlight of this week ... we are going to see Meatloaf in concert tomorrow night ... will let you know how it goes !

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  1. Everything crossed here for you...