Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last Open House

We had the last open house today ahead of Thursdays auction, we had 8 groups go through which was a good number for the last one.

That was the good news! Bad news was that the house across the road went to. auction on Thursday night and SOLD but for a real crap price!! Apparently the vendors are really spooked with what's going on in the world and just wanted to cash up in case the real estate market crashes very shortly.

So today we went to an auction with a friend who wanted to buy an investment apartment, result....passed in but not far off the mark, Then this afternoon we went to a house that was being auctioned about 10 mins drive from us, not such a good post code but a nice area and it was a absolutely  fantastic fully renovated house, this place was just stunning....... result.....2 bidders and passed in at nowhere near the reserve! We left like a couple of stunned mullets came home and had a few beers, and decided to go out tonight and have a good few more.

So to next Thursday and we really haven't got a bloody clue on what will happen, what will be will be, could always be worse, we could live in some hell hole, chin up and all that.

Wish us luck!


  1. Everything is crossed for you here mate!!!
    Lesley and Joe

  2. Hope it goes well for you!
    Tom & Jan