Sunday, October 2, 2011

Manly and all that Jazz

Its a long weekend this weekend, plus its the Manly Jazz Festival and today is the Rugby League grand final and it just so happens Manly is one of the teams. The Rugby League Grand final is one of Australia's premier sporting events so this weekend is huge in Manly.

One slight problem re the jazz festival was that last night and most of the morning there was a huge storm and torrential rain.
We had a late start for our walk down to Manly and breakfast,

The sea was angry that day my friends
The sea was rough and the beach deserted! Normally at this time of the day the beach and walkway is packed, with both locals and tourists.

It was blowing a bloody gale as we made our way along the deserted walkway.

Streamlined Sam
The dogs were looking very streamlined

Wot no tourists

El striding into the gale!
Once we got down there the stages were deserted but at least the rain had stopped.

The Corso palm trees had the Manly team colours wrapped around them

We spotted a lonely jazz man looking for somewhere to play.

We got to our regular Sunday breakfast cafe and the lonely jazz player met up with his mates

So we had a lovely breakfast being serenaded by the 4 piece jazz band

We walked back home past nearly deserted  cafes, such a shame they should be packed.  

We are now home and the weather has improved a lot, so we are about to have a few beers and watch the Grand Final


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