Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elaines Dodgy Knee

Elaine has spent the day in hospital getting her left knee sorted out, she will explain the technical details later.

She had the right knee sorted out about 6 months ago, so hopefully she will now be able to walk for miles on the towpath with no pain, you never know I might even get her to come snow skiing with me.

haha -  Elaine here - the day after !  Dunno about that ski-ing lark - just maybe along the towpaths in winter time (with the aid of our two 'mini-huskies').  I've been pretty dopey all day - so have been bludgin' around watching daytime tele - mostly on the sofa with my legs up!  The left knee has been a bit more involved than the right - it had gotten pretty bad as I think has been taking the load from my right knee all these years ! I blame Jane Fonda for the original injuries - which shows that I am talking a few years here !!

This op was also an ilio tibial band release plus removal of a plica and a general clean up - should be as good as new I hope !   I start physio tomorrow and will see the surgeon so will get the full story then !  Wasn't too good last night after the anaesthetic - made a dash for the loo in the laundry when Paul dropped me at the back door - didn't quite make it and - tune out here if you don't want the gory details - but managed to projectile over the laundry door before I could get it open !!  Yuk !  Pretty good today though all considered !!

Our Real Estate guy is coming to see us tonight - not sure if he has any buyers for us for our auction on Thursday - so maybe we will just have to have the place up for sale for a while ... anyway - we will see what he has to tell us tonight - hopefully someone has come up with an amazing offer for us !  

That's me for now --- back to the tele :) Elaine x

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