Monday, March 26, 2012

1st Day of Retirement

Today  was the first day of my retirement! Not sure if it will be permanent, we will have to see how our investment choices turn out!
We were up reasonably early, mainly due to all the lads arriving for work, we are living in the spare office at work remember. The boss has kindly let me still use the ute so we went off down to Manly to divert the post, change the address on our drivers licences, pick up Elaine's new glasses, drop more crap off at the op shop and finally check up on our wills.....remember we are flying on the A380 and I am sure the cracks aren't getting any smaller!

We got back to work at lunchtime so we took the dogs for a walk to the park and to get some lunch there.

Behind the warehouse there is a canal, its really a storm water drain but hey its similar    

 It even has sofas dumped in it, and like its English cousin is a bit short of water!
 It is a nice park backing onto Pittwater, during the weekend it is full of screaming rugrats but today was perfect, it was deserted.
 We had lunch at the Flying Fox cafe, which is a dog friendly cafe.
 The boys had a quick pose, and then it was back to the warehouse where I am doing the blog and Elaine is having an afternoon nap.
Here's to many more afternoon naps!

Tonight we are off to another farewell dinner, tomorrow is our last full day in Oz and Wednesday is up up and away! 

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