Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish*

We are now at Sydney airport awaiting the big bird.

The dogs and cats were picked up this morning and would have to go down as one of life's more traumatic experiences; as much as we told them that we would see them soon they just didn't get it!!  I think we can now honestly say we will not be back in Oz till they have all shuffled off this mortal coil!  It is way too hard to say goodbye to them and put them through all this - as expected, mind you !

Elaine finally had the much anticipated breakdown at Sydney airport after we had checked in.....she rang her Aunty for a final chat and that was it ... the flood gates opened !  Myself, I feel fantastic, probably due to having a few bevvies - or maybe my breakdown will come later !!!

So - with that we bid farewell to Aus - we have 45 mins 'til take off - it has been an amazing country to live in - indeed, the land of opportunity

.... pity about the crap drivers ... 'but' !!!

*Ref Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy !

Toodloo for now ...

Paul and Elaine :)


  1. OMG it's really happening! Wish I could have been at the airport to see you off matey.. Though I reckon I'd probably start new floods at Sydney airport with all the tears that would start pouring out. I really miss you so much... Hope to see you over this part of the world very very soon. Safe trip, Luv Lesley xoxoxoxox

  2. OMG it's really happening.. Wish I could have been at the airport to see you off. Though probably for the best, I reckon I'd start new floods at Sydney airport with all my tears. I really miss you so much :( Hope to see you very very soon over this part of the world though. Let's make it happen ok? Safe trip, Luv Lesley xoxo

  3. Paul & Elaine,

    Kat, Abi & myself are wishing all the best for the journey your now partaking in...
    We will stay in touch guys...


  4. We'll miss you guys! hope you have a safe trip!
    Olof & Jane