Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caxton (aka The Manly Ferry) is on the Move!

Brother Russell and his crew have now taken charge of Caxton for her delivery cruise to Yardley Gobian.  I think this is the first time she has moved since last August.

This is from Russell's facebook yesterday and today ... 

will be setting off soon on my adventure on Paul Macey and Elaine McBride narrowboat and the merry crew of Frank Thomas Tracy Macey Kimberley Speshal Macey and Chris Stroud. but not all at once.

Elaine McBride God speed on your journey .. and look out for icebergs ! Yesterday at 9:39am

Russell Macey Had a good day. Only met 1 boat today it's easy to manover with the bow thruster.

Martin John Macey dont go "showboating" with those bow thruster's "Captain Schettino"

... and I nicked this entry from Tracy's facebook a few minutes ago ...

Wow, what a day! Started off in Stourport on Severn with a quick trip to Asda to stock up on rations for the boat trip back to MK, i set off with Russell and Frank on the boat showing Frank how to do the locks until we got to Kidderminster. I got off and got the bus back to the car, then drove ahead of them to Kinver, got my car padlocked in a car park! Luckily found someone who could let me out, then i walked back miles to meet them, got back on the boat until we reached the car, went out for dinner then a 2 hour drive back home. Am knackered now, but was a fun day anyway, gonna chill for a bit and then bed I think!! xx

We also noticed that Lesley had her spies out (click here to see NB Yarwood Blog) !

It's all happening ... thanks Guys!

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