Monday, March 12, 2012

Caxton (aka The Manly Ferry) is on the Move! (Part 2) !

 Pics from Russell and Tracey on their adventures so far ... 

Setting off ... 
Concentration !

On the way ... 
Not much room !!!!
Zooming along (not!)

Giving her a bit of spit and polish

Early Sunday morning ...what a lovely looking day !
Fits nice and snug !

 More locks did 30 in one day, Tracy said their shouldn't be so many on Monday !
 The last locks of the day as the sun goes down, almost in Dudley 

Well - looking at those Locks ... Elaine is glad they are doing it !!! Today (Monday) Tracy tells us that :"Today we have a 3000 plus yard tunnel, looking forward to that!"

Phew --- we are exhausted just looking at the pics !  Give them a wave if you see them :) 
Paul and Elaine 

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