Saturday, March 31, 2012

We are now Liveaboards plus 1st visit to the vet!

Tonight is our 2nd night aboard Caxton. Yesterday we picked up the dogs and cats from Heathrow animal reception centre, the dogs went mental like never before.....Bombo was howling....he never howls! It was such a relief that they all arrived safe and sound.

We decided just before we left Oz that we would try and find a cattery to put the cats in as it was just too much to put them on the boat for a few days then take them to Macclesfield and then back to the boat all in a week. We  found a cattery near Billing Aquadrome, so they are there till Easter Saturday.

Next stop was Fedex at Wellingborough to pick up a package we sent last week from Oz, next we met up with brother Russ and Tracey and went to Caxton.....Elaine absolutely loves it, Russell ran through the boat systems with me, I still cant get my head around the Mastervolt charging system! It was now dark so we had a Chinese take away and a late night.

I was up very early this morning ( Jet lag) and took the dogs for a walk around Yardlay Gobian at 6.30am. Elaine was up and unpacking when I got back, I proceeded to familiarise myself with the boat. After a couple of hours we noticed that Sam the dog was behaving very strangely and appeared to be having a fit and his back legs were paralysed! Big panic....rang Russell and he found a vet in Milton Keynes, by the time we got there he was much improved but very agitated, the vet couldn't find anything obvious but gave him a anti inflammatory jab. We reckon he may have been stung by a stinging nettle, he is a very sensitive little dog, they don't have stinging nettles in Oz, they only have killer spiders and snakes. Now thankfully he is much improved. We think they have doggie jetlag, they are sleeping an awful lot.

Next stop Milton Keynes shopping centre and with Russell and Traceys local knowledge and bargaining power we now have a new phone, wifi setup, dinner set, vacumn cleaner, towels and sheets and of course a cuddly toy!
When we got back to the boat I changed the drive belt on the domestic alternator and adjusted the other two, hoovered  the boat, plus lit the fire on the second attempt!

Elaine continued unpacking, unpacked our purchases, tidied up and played with her new phone plus we set up the wifi. We also had a few drinks with dinner and now we are absolutely buggered.

Tomorrow we are going for the maiden voyage.....

Bedtime said Zebedee



  1. tomorrow you will wake up surrounded by fishermen

  2. We passed you today, and Caxton looked great. Hope to meet you out on the cut sometime.

    1. Thanks Adam, we took her on her first trip today, down to just past Cosgrove and back. All went very well.

  3. Great to see all has gone well, looks fantastic,good to catch up with you both before you left even though it was just for a short time.