Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Order

Last night we went to see New Order, they were playing at the Horden Pavilion, which is an older venue where you can still stand up and jump around etc.
New Order have always been one of our favourite all time bands and with some of the band members having a link with Macclesfield always makes it a bit special for Elaine.
They finished playing at 11.00pm but we couldn't get out of the carpark till nearly midnight because the roads outside were flooded we got home at nearly 1.00am on what normally would have been a 30 minute drive!
Which brings us to the weather.....never in my 30odd years in Sydney have I seen so much rain, it just doesnt stop, plus it is very heavy rain. Its at times like this that we are so glad we live on a hill, no chance of us flooding!  You have to feel for the bloody tourists, personally I love it!
Back to the moving......we have now sold the washing machine and the rest of the bedroom furniture, plus gave away lots of knick knacks so by this weekend we should be all packed. I have today off, plans are to go and see the quack to get medical records etc, Get Elaines car rego,d (MOT) specsavers for new specs for Elaine, plus deliver the washing machine and bedroom furniture.
Off we go into the monsoon.......    

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