Thursday, March 29, 2012

A quick recap

... of the week our lives changed !

Just one week ago we left our house in Freshwater, Sydney, Australia ...
From this - our old house - just one week ago
...then went to live in the warehouse with our animals ...
The penthouse
 ... then just yesterday took our last remaining furnishings to the tip ...
Paul's ute does its last trip to the tip
... the warehouse office returned to its former glory ...

.... then we were just down to this pile of baggage  !

... the animals were whisked away efficiently by Skypets - they had to go in the morning, so that they could have their final health checks done 24 hours prior to travel ...

Poor boys ...

... and now we are in the UK - having arrived this morning after a great trip on a Qantas A380.  We are staying at the hotel Ibis, just hanging out waiting for the boys to arrive tomorrow ...

This is the view from our bedroom window - so we should be able to see the boys land tomorrow morning at 5.30am ...

Tomorrow we will take the cats to a cattery for a week (Plan D!) - as we decided it would be too stressful for them to drag them from the Airport to the boat and then to Macclesfield and then back to the boat again ... the dogs, however, will love it!

Oh yes, the boat - tomorrow we will go to the boat- and spend our first night aboard !!!!!


  1. Enjoy the reunion and the first night on board the Manly Ferry, you should still get the benefit of the glorious weather, have fun Caroline and Martin

  2. Woo Hoo..... You've arrived and the adventure starts in earnest!

    I've heard great things about the flight on the 380. Supposed to be very quiet!

    1. Yep here at last..... The 380 is a fantastic plane, I have flown on it before on 3 occasions, this was the first in cattle class, great seats slept for hours and so quiet!

  3. Great to hear you arrived safe and sound! Hope the boys all had a great flight too! Enjoy your first night aboard.. sounds like a toast or two will be in order! Cheers, Olof and Jane

  4. I suppose it is welcome home but any way welcome to England and your new Life Dave Nb Sokai see you about