Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jaffa has only 8 to go

... lives that is !  He definitely used up one of them this morning - here is the story ...

This morning I was feeling really cold in bed so reached for my phone to see what time it was - it was 5.30am so I decided I could put the heating on for a bit!  (I always think it is too noisy to put it on too early - it's probably not but there you are !)

Just as an aside before the Jaffa story - when I picked up my phone (which had been plugged in and charging during the night) it came back into signal and it started beeping like billy-o with loads of messages !  Oops - Paul had been worrying about me because he couldn't get in touch with me - so I was severely reprimanded very early in the morning :(

Anyway - I got up and put on the heating on but on the way back to bed I noticed the the fire was 'still a going concern' ie, still had hot coals in it ... so I decided to go an get some more coal from the cratch to load the fire up again - which I did!  The next thing, I heard an almighty wailing from OUTSIDE the boat - a horrible, strangled, gargled sort of cat wailing!  So I rushed out - unzipping the cratch covers to get out - still hearing the wailing but couldn't see where it was coming from, so rushed back in to get the torch.  By the time I got out again, the wailing had stopped and I started to have a horrible feeling ... then, all of a sudden, Jaffa appeared at the side of me on the pontoon - ABSOLUTELY SOAKED !  Last night was very, very icy and there was even ice in the water this morning.  I rushed him back in the boat and dried him off - he was icy cold so had obviously taken a dip!

The mysteries of the whole ordeal are...
a) how did he get out there ?
b) why did he go out there (he never goes out there !) ?
c) how did he fall in ??? slipped on the ice
d) how did he get out again ?!

I think his Guardian Angels were watching over him, for sure !  I got him warmed up again eventually (next to me in the bed) - it took him about an hour to stop shivering totally and he has stayed in the bed with his warmish hot water bottle all day - poor little boy!  Here are some pics of him sleeping in the bed...

...mind you, I had to disturb him this afternoon so that I could change the sheets - he didn't like that at all !

After all that ordeal I took the dogs out and popped down to Aldi to take advantage of their ski gear day - managing to get Paul and I some snow boots - yay!

Yesterday was the Stone Farmers' Markets, so  I popped down with the dogs - I bought them two bones which they are loving ...
Bombo guarding his new posession !
Sammy looking like a rabid rat !

I also bought myself some140 denier fleecy-lined, opaque, thermal tights - wow, who would have thought you could buy such things!!  They will do the job, for sure !

While I was in the car park in Stone I saw a lovely robin but by the time I got my camera out he had gone but I sat and watched all the birds in the holly anyway - they were loving it - and I saw this little fella gobbling down holly berries for ages !  He's got one in his beak in this pic ...

I took this pic on the way back in yesterday - my little phone camera didn't really do the scene justice but it was still lovely to see the swans frolicking on the hill ...

Just thought I would add this pic in because it is so cute - this is how I found Sam this morning - upside down (as usual) but sucking his back paw!

Also I have been taking more pics of the moon - just wonderful ...
 Tonight I am keeping the cratch door firmly closed!!!

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