Sunday, December 16, 2012

Motorbikes, Sheds and a Bloody Hot Day!

I went on a motorbike jaunt today with a workmate, who is into vintage Jap bikes.  They were having  a run out west of Sydney including a visit to a chap's shed to look at all the old shit collectables he has picked up over the years.

Aussies love their sheds, and they are infinitely bigger than the pommie shed! I think the poms are more into allotments!

There were some very nice bikes on the run.  By the way I was on a BMW but as we were on the same side in the war I was classed as an honorary member for the day! 

So some of the bikes ...

Very tasty CB750

Honda 500-4

The entrance to the was a bit like the tardis inside, in fact he still uses part of the shed for his fencing business.

Nice bush dunny!

Various saws and tools...

And more ...

Various different taps ...

Vintage blow torches, dies and other stuff! 

Various spanners ...

Back to the bikes, this little Honda was an amazing machine.

50cc Double over head cam 4 stroke, revs out to 15000rpm!

Steering damper, oil cooler and front and rear discs!
Fantastically engineered 

When we left the northern beaches at 8.00 the temp was already in the low 30s.

Max and myself left the boys playing in the shed and decided to go for a quick 200km ride!  By now the temp was 41.5C  and we had our leathers on!  It was a tad warm :)

We went to Wisemans Ferry and had a swift half.
Then onto the ferry itself to cross the Hawkesbury River.   

We were now in deliverance country so we cracked on at a fair pace out running the local pig hunters in their utes....remember the film... "squeal like a pig boy"! 

We stopped at the local shop in Spencer for another swift half before taking off before the good ol' boys caught us up. 

I gave the Beemer a bit of stick on a good bit of road but started to run out of road (and balls) at 180ks!  For a big old lump it handles very well.

Once we got back to the Northern Beaches it was a much more pleasent 35 degrees!
So that was that - a very very nice ride, some fantastic bikes and loads of old crap in a shed...only joking, he had some really good stuff!

So what has this got to do with narrowboats?  Sweet FA but I will be back there on the 23rd December, exchanging 41.5C for  -1.5C   

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