Friday, December 7, 2012

Triumph X75 Hurricane

Nothing to do with narrowboats, but who cares, I am pretty sure a lot of narrowboat folk are also into bikes. Well today a mate of mine brought his Triumph X75 Hurricane in for a show and tell! 
What a machine, totally original one of 1015 built in 1972-73 and 250 miles on the clock!

He has spent a fair bit of time getting it running right as it has been stored for the last 38 years! 

It looked and sounded awesome

Valued at $35,000 !!


  1. Oooohh!! Saw one in a 'bike shop in the early seventies. Dribbled with lust. At the time I was a newly wed and bottom of the heap in the Navy, no hope. Stuck with the old Norton Dommi 99. Still dream of owning one. $35,000? Dream on.

    1. Its certainly a bit different to the Rocket 3 that I drooled over. Its insured for an agreed value of $35,000, he paid $32000 for it last year!