Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Time Is Up

 My seven weeks in Sydney is just about over, its been fun catching up with old friends and having a few too many drinks!

I Don't think I would do it again,  El would break my legs! Then again never say never.

Cant wait to get back to Stone railway station and meet El and the boys, the doggies probably think I popped up the shop for 5 mins, they have no idea of time.

Good news is that I got an upgrade to business class with Qantas, it makes a 24 hour flight more like a mini holiday, plus you can get plenty of sleep on the lay flat beds!

So off we go tomorrow QF1 A380 airbus to London....

Farewell Australia (again) Its been fun


  1. I am in Stone where are you moored?

    1. We are in Aston Marina,I get back about lunchtime, If I am not too buggered we will come and look for you.

  2. Hope you have had a good journey back, you are gonna need your wellies!!

    Happy Christmas to your both