Monday, December 24, 2012

The Boy is Back !!

Well, I picked up the boy (aka Paul) from Stone Station at 12.30 pm today - he had gotten into Heathrow at about 7 am - his flight from Aus was delayed on arrival at Heathrow and then he missed his connecting flight to Manchester, which delayed him a little !

We got back to the Marina, dumped his bags, grabbed our quiches and headed out for our 'Christmas boater's lunch' at the Marina.  It was a big turn out today - as you can see ...

We took over the big marina outdoor hut for a few hours !  Poor Paul.  he started to flag about 3.30 pm so we left the remaining stragglers (now in semi-dark!) and headed back for the boat to unpack his cases !  When we had kind of finished that he had to 'sit down for a minute' - this is what I found when I turned around ... even the dogs had caught his jet lag !
Bombo must have really missed his 'leader of the pack' because all the 'boaters' commented that he was the best behaved they had ever seen him today, ie, not 'Mr Grumpy' !

It has been really hard, in so many ways, while Paul has been away - just dealing with the general boaty chores on a day to day basis, managing surprises like ice and floods - and just being on my own in a strange town etc. but I have met some really beautiful people while I have been here - to whom I am really grateful for all their help, support and friendship they have shown me.

I am so happy to have 'the boy' back - tonight I will get a good night's sleep - and tomorrow we will head down to Kent for a family Christmas at my Sister's place and then onward to Milton Keynes to see Paul's family.  Really excited :)

Happy Christmas to all :)

Elaine and Paul xxx

PS:  Went to visit Maffi - who is moored in Stone yesterday - we had a lovely chat;  I am becoming a 'litter collector' on the New Year !  Watch this space for number of bags collected!!!

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