Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Day of Summer!

Well it is in Australia! And what a start, it is very, very hot, it is now late afternoon and it has cooled a bit down to 36, in the western parts of Sydney it is in the 40s!

I went on the motorbike down to Manly to get a hair cut, it was a tad warm wearing a leather jacket and gloves etc.

This brings me to my favourite subject, crap Aussie drivers!  I am staying at a place called Mona Vale, which is about 17ks to Manly.  The drive takes about 20 minutes ... during that time I passed 3 accidents...all in a 60 kph zone;  if you had one of those dash cams that capture accidents you would wear it out after a month!  Hence the reason for wearing all the gear when riding a motorbike.

I also went Christmas shopping ... I was looking for a present for Elaine.  I succeeded rather well I think, she will love the skimpy little bikini I have bought her - should be perfect for when we go down to Cornwall in February!

I got back to my penthouse pad just after lunch and went straight down the beach....magic, cooled me down a treat.

Tonight it is out with friends to a Thai restaurant, looking forward to that :-)

Only 3 week 'till I leave Sydney and head back to the UK.  I am really looking forward to it, the last trip over there was last March and of course it was the start of the big adventure ... it is fair to say that we we were  in a state of trepidation, what with having left good jobs, sold our house and all the furnishings sold our vehicles, plus the worry of whether the animals survive the flight and, of course, would we like the life on the canals?

This time its easy, I'm going home!  

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