Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swans a'skatin !

This morning the frost was spectacular - looking like snow on the bridge of the marina ... 

White marina ...

Swans walking on water - and what a bizarre noise they make when they do !

Had a walk with the dogs in Stone - couple of the locks looking a bit frosted up!

Water is like a frosty mirror ... 

Even ice INSIDE the boat this morning !
That must be why I had 4 animals INSIDE the bed with me this morning :)

Yesterday we had a boaters' afternoon tea again at the marina - it is such a great opportunity to meet other folks and have a laugh !  Afterwards Elly from Parisien Star handed me a 'gift' which was a beautiful veggie lasagne that she and Mick had made for me - I have to say it was the best lasagne I have ever tasted in my life ... so I tracked down the recipe from Elly and Mick's blog ...

Yum Yum - thank you, Elly and Mick !
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