Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bombo Goes Berko in Cornwall

Here we are down in Cornwall, which to me has always been my favourite place in the UK. I am sure it goes back to the 60s and early 70s when we used to come down here every year for our family holidays. I can still remember staying up late in a caravan at Praa Sands in 1969 watching "That's one small step for a man" etc.

We had  uneventful drive down, oh ... apart from watching a collision, blocking the M5 motorway ... in the opposite direction, thankfully.

We are staying in a lovely little cottage in the fishing village of Mousehole, pronounced Mowzall.

We took off today looking for a nice beach to take the doggies for a walk ... we didn't have to go too far - our first stop was Porthcurno beach - lovely beach and as you can imagine this time of year it was pretty deserted.

The two chaps in the middle of the pic were going surfing!

Bombo absolutely loves the beach and as the title of the post says, went berko!
It used to really piss us off that we couldn't take the dogs to one Sydney beach!

Next stop was Sennan Cove, which had a much larger beach so we could go for a nice long walk,

This lovely little house was on the harbour side at Sennan Cove.

This sign always reminds me of my dear old dad, who unfortunately passed away 30 years ago.  Every time he saw this sign the shout went up "Watch out - low flying motorbikes".

The new Sennan Cove lifeboat, a most impressive bit of kit!

Sennan Cove, looking summery but it was actually bloody freezing and blowing a gale!

Sennan Cove surf club cracked me up -  if only they could see Manly surf club back in Oz!

Sennan Cove lifeboat station

Bombo enjoying the beach.  You are going to get fed up of these pics.....sorry, he just loves it!

Sammy is not as keen,and needs a lot of reassuring that it is all OK for him to go berko and run around.

Not this boy tho!

Sorry there is more!

Finally, Sammy got up the courage to run around.  Unfortunately his hoodie fell down and blocked his vision causing him to run into some rocks......back to the drawing board!

Footprints of fun!

When we got back to the cottage Elaine partook in her favourite pastime ... having a very very long bath.

I partook in my favourite pastime, that is, I went down the pub, all of 50 metres away and had a few pints watching England belt Scotland in the Rugby!

Once again another absolutely fantastic holiday, I absolutely love this life and feel so grateful that we are able to do so.

If anyone out there is contemplating a huge lifestyle change, in the word of some smelly old running shoe ad......Just Do It!


  1. can highly recommend a visit to the Minack Theatre if you get the chance. unique

    1. We were there today, the next show starts after we leave :-(

  2. Enjoy your holiday guys, Cornwall is such a lovely part of the country, you must have nearly passed us today as we are in Budleigh Salterton in Devon!

  3. Hi,
    Cornwall has been a favourite spot of ours too. Port Isaac especially. Have fun.

    1. We will take a trip over to Doc Martin country for sure!

  4. Caroline and MartinFebruary 3, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    We were in Cornwall just before Christmas,and stayed in Sennen Cove, again due to family holidays and wonderful childhood memories. We even got to go out on the lifeboat for a trip around lands end back then, going down the slipway one the boat was so trilling.

  5. We spent our honeymoon in Sennen Cove, thanks for the memories :-) Yvonne & Roger