Friday, May 3, 2013

Back In Manchester

Its good to be back in Manchester, we think we will probably stay put over the long weekend as there seem to be a few things going on in the city.

Today we walked with the dogs to Maplins where we bought a new lead for the satellite TV, plus they sold walkie talkies so we bought a pair of those also.

When we got back to the good ship I fitted the new lead and now the TV works again - so nice when the fix is cheap!

The rest of the day for me was touching up the blacking and battle damage to the paintwork, for Elaine it was getting all the expenditure up to date.

We arranged to meet Ray and Toni at the Wharf bar for early doors - the pooches came along also - it is so good that they are allowed in such a nice pub. We only stayed for a couple as Ray has been feeling a bit crook, also now the TV is up and running Elaine wanted to catch up on last week's Dr Who repeat before watching the new one tomorrow!

The weather had turned chilly once more but I persevered with the shorts!

This is the view from the sidehatch, the Wharf bar is at the end.


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